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CROWDSAGE contributors are many of the same volunteers who’ve led our rapidly evolving marketplace even since before the passage of the JOBS Act. Our network has deep ties and broad reach. Our speakers presence in the field grants our subscribers firsthand knowledge and our contributors a loyal following. Our writers are trusted to identify, interpret and deliver powerful data and relevant case studies. TrendTicker™ will keep the whole CROWDSAGE community in-the-know and up-to-the-minute. Our assets in supplying customized news, information and rich media tailored precisely to user-designated affinities and preferences gives us rare insight in divining crowd behavior. Tap the power of the Crowd to energize your plans.
For Writers, CROWDSAGE will be a trusted resource for research and for representing original points of view; bring your written words to life at live events, and give your followers something to share--driving more traffic to your media anywhere you want to put it.
For Speakers, the CROWDSAGE community follows your hard work, shares your media and raises your profile; let us pay you for what you already do so well, and even convert your work on-stage to revenue generating content on-line.
CROWDSAGE *TrendTicker™ & metasearch engine provide convenient access to unique and original content, in addition to delivering news and information you deem relevant. We offer prime demographics consisting of active, passionate and loyal users. Amalgamated contributor media feeds give students of Crowdfunding access to their favorite authorities in one location.

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With so much riding on our new industry, providing the right presenter for a demanding crowd actually is the least you can do.

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For writers and for syndication, CROWDSAGE is the first Crowd-centric news & information resource of its kind, empowering our contributors and community to both research and share the data we gather...together.

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Voted by the Crowd to be the most insightful strategists, speakers and writers in the exploding CrowdFunding industry, CROWDSAGE contributors deliver firsthand knowledge and sage advice whenever, wherever you need it.

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